A Winter's Oresteia

Summerhall - Red Lecture Theatre

"Fury should serve justice."
As the Trojan War comes to a close, Clytemnestra awaits the imminent arrival of her sister. Helen of Troy returns with the victorious Greeks, ashamed and disgraced by the devastation she has wrought. Her father is hosting a seasonal reunion to reconcile the family, but Clytemnestra fears that old enmities will inevitably rise to the surface. Despised by her daughter Electra, she also cannot connect with her son Orestes and there is no room to forgive her estranged husband, Agamemnon. All the while, her dead daughter Iphigenia stalks her thoughts and memories. Killed before the war, she waits for her moment to strike back.
From award-winning playwright, James Beagon (First Class, Best New Writing 2014, Buxton Fringe) comes a chilling new adaptation of an ancient Greek classic: a family tragedy of honour and revenge.
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