Vintage Cabaret

Summerhall - Demonstration Room


Les Amis d'Onno Equine - Canine are Scotland's own equine-canine stunt team, performing all over Scotland each summer with their large arena shows, in winter touring their Vintage cabaret!

Les Amis d’Onno’s “Auction of the Late Captain Cuthbert Cruickshank’s Collection of Curios” is a Vintage Cabaret with a difference! The show takes the form of an auction and the audience are encouraged to bid on the items on offer! Bidding on an item will not mean you are buying anything, no money will change hands, nothing is really for sale, but by bidding you will become part of the show!

So come along ladies and gentlemen, bid high, or clap loud, to indicate your enjoyment! Among the acts on offer are: knife throwing, water tank escapology, performing dogs, magic, music, song & dance

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