Anatomy no.7: Kill Your Traitor Heart

Summerhall - Anatomy Lecture Theatre


That moment when a sleeper agent awakes inside you, when you realise the shadow figure in the corner of your eye, the figure whose leering presence peers over your shoulder in your most private moments, is revealed as your own terrible reflection... When the flesh revolts against the soul; when you hear that deep call for something drastic, when trembling, feeble hands embrace that urge to...KILL YOUR TRAITOR HEART...

ANATOMY takes the music hall variety show to strange futures. It’s a brave new stage for risk-taking performance and breath-taking theatrics from artists, dancers, music makers and destroyers, puppeteers, film-makers, clowns, poets, mimes, installations, weirdos and burlesques.

As part of ANATOMY #7, we are very pleased to host a week long workshop exploring 'FAILURE' as/in performance which will culminate in a devised group performance at ANATOMY #7.

Drawing from contact improvisation, comedy, physical theatre and devising, writing, vocal play, and an eclectic mix of reading and thought on FAILURE related to cultural, queer and feminist theory, FAILURE Lab is of particular interest to artists wishing to practice or gain skills in improvisation, collaboration, and multi-disciplinary performance.

For details of the workshop and applying to perform at ANATOMY, please see full details at

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