Tron (PG) + (Zoom Q&A with Cindy Morgan)

80's Movie Fest

Summerhall - Cinema


Flynn, a young computer genius, breaks into the ENCOM computer looking for evidence that the video game programs he wrote were stolen by Dillinger, an ENCOM executive. Dillinger’s Master Control Program must stop Flynn, and it blasts him into its own computer dimension. Flynn awakens in an electronic world, where computer programs are the alter egos of the programmers who created them, and he is sentenced to die on the video game grid.

Photographed in Super Panavision 70mm, this special effects tour de force stars Jeff Bridges (Kevin Flynn/Clu), Bruce Boxleitner (Alan/Tron), David Warner (Dillinger/Sark), Cindy Morgan (Lora/Yori), Barnard Hughes (Dr. Walter/Gibbs), Dan Shor (Ram), Peter Jurasik (Crom), Tony Stephano (Peter/Sark’s Lt.).