Summerhall - Dissection Room



We are very excited to announce a special concert the night before our 25th Anniversary hometown show at Edinburgh's Usher Hall.

Rod Jones, Colin Newton, Bob Fairfoull and myself will perform our 1998 debut (mini) album 'Captain' in its entirety (all 20 minutes of it) at Summerhall in Edinburgh on Friday 26th November.

'Captain' received a limited edition vinyl release last year, and we were going to do something to celebrate it - but the pandemic got in the way of those plans.

So on Nov 26th at Summerhall the four of us will bring the album back to life just like we did it in 1998, only with less rolling about on the floor, or playing guitar with teeth, or taking off shoes and throwing them into the crowd, or head butting the bass, or jumping into the crowd, or having the stage full of crowd members, spilt beer, cigarettes, etc - they'll be none of that, but it will still be great - the four of us on a small stage, playing through 'Captain', the record that introduced Idlewild to the world.

Please note this will be a short set, the album is 20 minutes long, and we need to reserve some energy for the following night at Usher Hall!

We'll have two excellent support bands though - Holy Mountain, Allan Stewart's stoner rock trio, and also Peeps Into Fairyland, cult 90's Glasgow alt country band reforming especially for the night (and featuring Jeremy Mills, Idlewild touring guitarist 1999 - 2001 on guitar)

There will be some Idlewild DJ action before, in-between and after the bands.

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