Malika's Kitchen: Poetry, food and taboo

Push The Boat Out: Edinburgh’s International Poetry Festival

Summerhall - Histology Lab

Spoken Word

Malika’s Poetry Kitchen is a writers’ collective founded in Brixton by Malika Booker and Roger Robinson in 2001. It nurtures the writing, performance and careers of poets by emphasising craft, community and development. Over the decades of its existence, poet Malika Booker has found the power of sharing food and creating communities, even temporary ones, to be transformative. One such impact is in supporting writers to break their own taboos, to challenge themselves much more deeply - be that in the subjects they address, the language they use or the modes of expression they experiment with. Come and have your soul warmed and your boundaries healthily expanded in this unique opportunity. Food will be provided! Once your ticket as been purchased we will contact you to establish your dietary needs.

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