Takeover: Scottish BAME Writers' Network

Push The Boat Out: International Poetry Festival

Summerhall - Demonstration Room

Spoken Word

Scottish BAME Writer's Network (SBWN) is an advocacy and professional development group for writers who identify as BAME, mixed-race or POC with a connection to Scotland. Weaving together collaborative literary partnerships, cross-arts co-creation and an intersectional approach to inclusive and participatory programming, SBWN is a sector change-maker, facilitating necessary conversations around inclusive programming in an effort to address and overcome systemic barriers. In this session curated for Push the Boat Out, the team present an hour of Healing and Recovery through film, poetry and prose from esteemed writers Bee Asha, Bhavika Govil, Nichelle Santagata and Zebib K. Abraham, hosted by SBWN Co-director and award-winning author Dean Atta.

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