Harry Josephine Giles: Deep Wheel Orcadia Launch

Push The Boat Out: International Poetry Festival

Summerhall - Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Spoken Word

Astrid is returning home from art school on Mars looking for inspiration. Darling is fleeing a life that never fit, searching for somewhere to hide. They meet on a distant space station struggling for survival as the pace of change threatens to leave the community behind.

Deep Wheel Orcadia is a magical first: A science-fiction verse novel written in the Orkney dialect. Push the Boat Out Festival has the absolute pleasure of hosting Harry Josephine Giles's launch for this unique adventure in poetry a mere day after their book is released. She will be joined by musician Atzi Muramatsu for an electrifying, live-scored performance from the novel. Featuring spoken word, cello, and electronics, the music and poetry strike out, with true Deep Wheel Orcadia fashion, into audacious new space.

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