Artist Talk: Sean Wai Keung's The Poetry Food Exchange

Push The Boat Out: International Poetry Festival

Summerhall - Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Spoken Word

The Poetry Food Exchange is an installation which simultaneously challenges perceptions of transaction in both food and literature and encourages collaborative sharing. Sean Wai Keung, a Glasgow-based poetry, performance and food-maker, is in charge of the Exchange. Patrons will write down a memory or experience to do with food, and in return they will receive a fortune cookie with a line of poetry inside as well as a cup of warm broth. After this face-to-face interaction, these memories and experiences will then be strung around the venue, forming a 3-dimensional poem with which audiences can interact as much or as little as they like. Meet Sean Wai Keung as he discusses the installation with poems, and reflects on community, food and narrative.

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