Summerhall - The Old Lab


The Ancient Greeks saw the world comprised of four elements – earth, air, fire and water (with philosopher Aristotle throwing in a fifth, aether, for good measure) that were thought to explain the nature and complexity of all matter. Times have changed.

We now have atomic theory, with atoms classified into more than a hundred chemical elements. Yet, echoes of the old theory reverberate to this day and scientists admit we still don’t know everything. Interact with the elements on this magical multi-sensory journey of discovery through an intriguing, immersive digital world in which magic meets alchemy and alchemy meets science. Play, discover and create with your fellow explorers.

Commissioned by Edinburgh Science

Bright Side Studios connect the space between art and technology to create powerful human experiences. They specialise in designing immersive environments and installations that bring stories of all sorts to vibrant life. They have a passion for playing with illusion and visual wonderment to create emotional connections with their audience.

Presented by Bright Side Studios in association with Edinburgh Science

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