Summerhall - Main Hall

SHHE is the alter-ego of Scottish-Portuguese artist and producer Su Shaw. Her upcoming self-titled debut album tracks a period of intense personal change. The resulting record is a sparse, haunting and atmospheric journey of introspection and exploration of identity that demonstrates SHHE’s ability to capture movement, change and the light and darkness that haunt the human condition. As she puts it: “Each song on the album is questioning identity, but under guises and levels.”

SHHE has found herself on the precipice of unlimited creativity and she’s ready to dive in head first. “I thought that you made an album, put it out and that was it,” she says. “There was a thing in the past where, with my approach to work, I had to be very organised. Now I am approaching things a different way. It's important to just go out and use what you find without any predetermined thoughts about what a project should be. I think I should go out and explore.” SHHE’s self-titled debut album, is only the beginning of this journey.

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