Like Animals

Summerhall - The Old Lab


Like Animals by SUPERFAN is a funny and poignant theatre piece inspired by the true stories of research scientists’ attempts to communicate with animals.

Returning to Summerhall after a successful Fringe 2019 run, Like Animals investigates love and communication in human (and not so human) relationships. Exploring a series of complex relationships, each with its own uniquely funny, strange and touching world, Like Animals offers a new theatrical perspective on some intriguing scientific, ethical and philosophical questions, with a light touch and sense of fun and humour. Performed by a real-life couple, it reveals the missed signals, crossed wires and miscommunications that make up the joy and heartbreak of trying to understand another being.

“A production that asks chewy questions but wisely avoids dogmatic answers.” ●●●● The Herald

“A flurry of startling facts are relayed with much fun theatricality (and animal-mimickry) but the piece turns the tables on our smug homo sapiens hosts.” ●●●● The Telegraph

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