Fault Lines

manipulate 2020

Summerhall - The Old Lab

Dance Physical Theatre and Circus

A fashion show on the fracture between feminism and fabric.

A catwalk which takes you from Haute Couture to bargain bin, from big beats to near silence. Five diverse performers take to the stage on a catwalk like no other! Garments flow, stilettos break, hair is pulled up, let loose, let free! Jazzy moves, heartfelt stories and heart-throbbing energy fills the room.

Navigate your own path through a performance featuring five strong women from different walks of life. Using your mobile and headphones, choose between music and stories which offer contrasting positions on the parade of costumes and identities on stage.

Curate your own journey through a runway show of people like you and people you'll never know, with a soundtrack selected by you. Susan Sontag meets America's Next Top Model.

Two Destination Language makes intercultural dialogues in theatrical forms, creating award winning devised contemporary theatre and large community projects which tour around the UK and internationally.

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