Fair Play

Jenni Fagan, SHHE, Harry Harris, Little King

Summerhall - Dissection Room


Celebrate culture and defy consumerism this (almost) festive season! Summerhall has teamed up with Fair Saturday to present a brand-new event which showcases some of the talent from Summerhall’s Artist Development Programmes. Come and see a variety of performers in this multi-genre gig with music, performance and spoken word from SHHE, Harry Harris, Little King, and Jenni Fagan.

The spirit of St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is a defiance against consumerism and especially that of Black Friday. On Fair Saturday, the day after Black Friday artists across the world will share their talents and perform, all in aid of good causes.

So instead of buying into a commercial ethos, let’s use today to spend our money more wisely; on culture.

Proceeds from this charity event will go into continuing Summerhall’s Artist Development programmes which provide our community of creatives with space and resources to develop their work and themselves for their arguably bright future ahead.

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is a Scottish Government initiative which is being delivered by the Fair Saturday Foundation.

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