Manipulate 2020

Summerhall - Dissection Room

Dance Physical Theatre and Circus

In 2002 on a country road, a pack of cards was thrown from a car window and over a hedge. While in the air the pack burst open and the cards were scattered across hedge and field and road. Some cards landed face up. The hand dealt that day has moved on and outwards into this moment. The cards have become manifest, they have something to say. Pick a card... any card...

One of Scotland's leading visual theatre ensembles, Oceanallover utilises virtuosic, multi-layered music and sounds, striking physicality and movement, and elaborate and fantastical costumes to create dynamic new, collaborative work in its own inimitable style. A sounding together of all things, a cacophony, a diaspason of understanding, performers and audience will step across a threshold of knowledge into a new world of the imagination and experience.

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