Manipulate 2020

Summerhall - Demonstration Room

Dance Physical Theatre and Circus

Meet the male of tomorrow, an absurd result of the alchemy of man and machine, a vision of a potential monster. This solidarity specimen, a vestige of a disenchanted future, is suffering the effects of a technological revolution which hasn't quite gone according to plan...

This man of tomorrow invites you to join him on a mysterious treasure hunt. Somewhere between the lightest humour and most deranged farce, objects and symbols evoke a series of allegorical tableux, a world in which the essence of Jacques Tati and Black Mirror present a frozen shard from an already present future.

A double bill from one of France' most respected and successful visual thatre companies, Collectif Aïe Aïe Aïe has been creating and performing its work around the world to great acclaim since 2002.

No Performances