Rough Mix

Manipulate 2020

Summerhall - The Old Lab

Dance Physical Theatre and Circus

Take five experienced artists bursting with ideas, mix with six performers and two early career practitioners in a studio and await results - we welcome this renowned multi-art form creative lab to manipulate for the first time.

Selected experienced artists come with a starting point for a new project. Each has dedicated time to work on their idea, as well as the opportnity to observe and collaborate with one another. At the end of two weeks of exploration and experimentation the results are shared informally with an audience: this is your opportunity to see exciting new work take its first steps.

This year manipulate and the Festival de Casteliers (Canada) are collaborating with Magnetic North to kick start a new collaboration at Rough Mix between two puppetry artists, one from Québec and one from Scotland.

Magnetic north has run ten previous Rough Mix residencies, generating a wide range of work, including Magnetic North's WALDEN, Andy Cannon's SPACE APE, and Catherin Wheels' WHIRLYGIG.

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