Siobhan Wilson & Friends

Summerhall - Dissection Room


To celebrate the release of her upcoming Winter release “Ear Warmers” EP, Edinburgh-based Siobhan Wilson returns to the Summerhall Dissection Room to enchant you with emotionally-driven, ethereal songs. The EP features a song recently recorded with the genius engineer Steve Albini, in Chicago (Shellac) as well as winter "ear warmers," which will feature at the gig, and instrumental tracks. The EP is released on Siobhan’s independent record label “Suffering Fools Records” and will be on sale soon, with £1 of proceeds per EP sold are donated to Extinction Rebellion.

A highly-acclaimed solo artist, finalist for the Scottish Album of the Year Award, and keen collaborator on the indie-folk scene, Siobhan gives us the pleasure of inviting a supergroup of enchanting artists - Alisdair Roberts, Rachel Sermanni, Stina Tweedale (Honeyblood) and musicians Liam Chapman and Ewan Gibson - to showcase a super group of talent on stage. Expect nostalgic wallowing, dulcet tones, soothing and soaring melodies, where Siobhan herself will play cello at her own gig for the first time on some tracks, as well as electric guitar and piano. Give your ears the anti-christmas sprinklings of melancholy and power of musical expression that you may be craving in December/at this time of year.

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