ALthattheatre: The Actor’s Self-Creation

Summerhall - The Old Lab



Meeting two teachers in dialogue: Christine Schmalor (GER) and Riccardo Palmieri (IT) A one-day introduction to “ALthattheatre”. The innovative training concept proposes a specific format to stimulate a change of mindset which opens the capacities to become an independent creator of “Your theatre”. It follows a so-called spherical approach to the themes like a stage presence, personality and ensemble, energy, the composition of the role etc. This practical workshop will give a sense of understanding how to change from logic, systematic thinking to spherical thinking, and how to begin an individual practice to the concept of the “entire theatre”. It is a unique opportunity for experienced and early-career artists with an interest in artistic development. Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes for the practical work. Get the discount: please reserve a place before the first of November. Use our contact form below.

ALthattheatre - was created by the internationally acclaimed theatre director and the actor`s coach Dr Jurij Alschitz. With an international team of teachers, Dr Alschitz introduces “Quantum Pedagogy”. It is a pedagogical concept, based on an impulse training. ALthattheatre proposes a highly concentrated education of only three months. 40 days online and 40 days as a residential retreat. The world premiere of the full programme will start in spring 2020.

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