Anatomy #21 SLANDER

Summerhall - Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Radio static. The feedback of megaphones. The street preacher dusts off their A-board. The opposition approaches the podium. Proclamations echo across the land! Richard and Judy are Russian sleeper agents, their dressing rooms stocked concealed, but readily accessible, novichock. Jamie Oliver licks the sludge out of broken dishwashers when no-one is watching. The deep-fake of Mark Zukerberg has lifted himself out of the doctored videos and is rampaging downtown. Spread the word. Drop the mic. 

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh's Summerhall, featuring astonishing work in dance, performance art, burlesque, clownery, music, physical theatre and more. 

WITH Alice Cooper, Gobscure, Helena Salgueiro, Kasia Zawadzka & Fiona Oliver-Larkin, Sarah Bebe Holmes & Bado Reti and Sean Wai Keung.

AND full integrated British Sign Language interpretation throughout. 

PLUS slander from your anatomical hosts, Ali Maloney and Harry Josephine Giles.
No Performances