Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum with Expats

Summerhall Festival - Main Hall

Celebrating their final year as Europeans, island monkeys Becca and Louise got invited to the 2018 European Capital of Culture in Malta. Lads on tour and ‘the rising stars of performance art’ (Telegraph) Sh!t Theatre went to drink rum with Brits abroad but found mystery and murder in the fight to be European. Here it is, another excuse for the multi award-winning Sh!t Theatre to get drunk on stage. [s]*[/s][s]*[/s][s]*[/s][s]*[/s] (Guardian). [s]*[/s][s]*[/s][s]*[/s][s]*[/s] (Sunday Times). [s]*[/s][s]*[/s][s]*[/s][s]*[/s] (Scotsman).
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