or the performative-poetic search for Schrodinger's Cat

Summerhall - The Machine Shop


Tatraum Projekte Schmidt present a new collaboration between performers from Dusseldorf and Edinburgh. KLÄR examines the parallelisms of certain states and the unity of ghost/matter as described in quantum theory. The performance asks what are the consequences of quantum physics in our tangible reality and how many worlds, universes or realities does it create?

KLÄR is created anew at each venue in the course of a week of improvisation and experimentation by the performers, looking at different realities and parallelities. This work manifests itself in the performance as scientific information, fiction, lyrical/poetic observations, performative actions and meditative experiments. Video and soundscapes help to create an unreal-reality space in Summerhall’s basement, which the performance, performer and spectator can explore freely and unguided.

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