That Man From Rio (U) - Film Screening

Cinema on Sunday

Summerhall - Red Lecture Theatre


Philippe de Broca rose to international success with his tongue-in-cheek adventure That Man from Rio, a spoof of 007-like heroics. Jean-Paul Belmondo stars as Adrien, a French Air Force pilot who has just arrived in Paris for an eightday leave, intending to spend it with his fiancée Agnès (Françoise Dorleac). Within minutes of their reunion, however, Agnès is kidnapped and drugged by thugs and taken to Brazil to locate where her late father, an archaeologist, had hidden one of three priceless statuettes.

Adrien follows in hot pursuit, discovering along the way the culprit behind the abduction and the importance of the three Amazon effigies... all before the end of his week’s leave. Sheer Sixties style and kitsch in sparkling restored copy.

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