Severed Heads


Summerhall - Dissection Room


***THIS GIG HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE WEE RED BAR. Tickets are being sold through Ticketweb. See our website for listings.***

Since 1979 Australian music pioneers Severed Heads has thumped out a noisy disco sound that's inspired dance styles from EBM to Chicago House. Back in '79 there were no samplers, no computers, and the Severed Heads style grew around the same tape recorders and oscillators that fuelled the avant garde music of the 20th century. Their exact genre is impossible to define - club singles like Dead Eyes Opened and Greater Reward jostle with aggressive noise-scapes and psychedelic virtual reality installations. Although contemporaries with ‘old school’ acts like Kraftwerk and Yello, Severed Heads continue to create and mutate ‘new school’

"We are a balance between the old and new", explains head Head, Tom Ellard. "Too much nostalgia will make you fat, but too much newness frightens people. For us it's OK - we've reached the point where ten years or ten minutes doesn't matter anymore - we're timeless".

Support will come from the strangely beguiling gibber glitch sound of Edinburgh’s NOL, with hints of trap & pointillist footwork production techniques along with analog synthscapes and time bending polyrhythmic abstractions

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