Anatomy #19: Adequate

Summerhall - Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Cabaret and Variety

There will be a basic standard of entertainment for all. We anticipate that there will be acts for everybody, but you may need to share. The art shall be sufficient and the safety standards in the vicinity of expected targets. Some negligible sacrifices may have to be made, but we believe that, in the end, these are worth it for the greater good: an adequate cabaret. We’re all in it together. We hope to have sufficient numbers of seats. In 2019, ANATOMY pledges to provide the very minimum amount of performance that is needed to survive, but accepts that, in the short term, some of it will come in dehydrated, powdered form.

ANATOMY is a quarterly live art cabaret based in Edinburgh’s Summerhall, featuring astonishing work in performance art, burlesque, music, drag, clownery, dance and more.

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