Summerhall Festival - Red Lecture Theatre


Performer:Maker was originally produced to consider the fetishisation of the artist as a labourer; overworked and underpaid.

The artist is romanticised as a Pierrot; the post-modern motif of an eternally suffering fool or artist. Rehearsal and repetition, relentlessly seeking a perfect form.

For this context, I’m building from the remnants of fringe works; the hundreds of flyers distributed across Edinburgh every day. By doing this, the work becomes ode to the ephemerality and value of fringe work. Making a fringe show takes countless resources and heavy endurance; yet remains only in discarded paper littering the streets once the festival leaves the city.

The work is also meditation; a slow repeated action. I softly breathe life into each origami shape. This is an opportunity for me to take the time to sit and breathe for one hour a day amongst the chaos of the fringe. And it is an invitation to audiences to take a couple of moments to pause with me and softly watch my folding.

The piece will exist both as performance and sculpture. It is a physical artwork activated by performance, and lives on even once the performance has ended.

No Performances