Miriam Erasmus

Edinburgh Folk Club

Summerhall - Library Gallery


Her musical career spans 6 decades of touring, teaching, and creating clubs and venues for other artists to share their talents.

Miriam , born in Lewes, made her first public appearance at the age of 5, playing the recorder with the Sussex Orchestra. She learned folk songs from her grandparents, and has been involved in the Folk Music revival since the '60s when, whislt studying to be a Music and Speech and Drama teacher, she started singing at Bradford University Folk Club.

As a professional touring artiste in the '70s she was given the name “First Lady of Folk”, becoming one of the foremost interpreters of British Folk Songs. Her debut album“Gypsy without a road” on Mother Earth Music label, is now a collector's item and mentioned in Electric Eden by Rob Young.

In 1977 she emigrated to South Africa.

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