Trojan Horse

Summerhall Festival - Main Hall


'Why should I continue to be tolerant, when the world has been so intolerant of me?’ Trojan Horse was a local story that hit the national press, accusing ‘hardline’ Muslim teachers and governors of plotting extremism in Birmingham schools. Adapted from the real-life testimonies of those at the heart of the government inquiry, critically acclaimed theatre company LUNG (E15, The 56 and Chilcot) investigate what really happened. Trojan Horse is the story of a community torn apart by racial division, British Values and the culture of Prevent. Disclaimer: This play is based on real life events but some names have been changed. It is adapted from over 200 hours of interviews conducted by LUNG as well as public documents and contains words spoken by individuals who participated in public hearings, it is not endorsed or authorised by them. Image: Ant Robling
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