My Kind of Michael

Summerhall Festival - Red Lecture Theatre


Ever since he was a kid Nick has loved Michael Barrymore. In this heartfelt, playful tribute, Nick invites you to examine the turbulent relationship between showman and spectator. Using his unique, praised style of storytelling and Barrymore's iconic shticks, Nick intertwines his own personal stories with tales of Barrymore's rise to fame and ultimate downfall. With live music and gags aplenty, it promises to be 'alwight!' 'Cassenbaum is emphatically never dull, he's hilarious and charming' (Exeunt). 'Generous and poignant' [s]*[/s][s]*[/s][s]*[/s][s]*[/s] (Stage, Bubble Schmeisis 2016). **** (Lyn Gardner, Guardian, Wot? No Fish!! Created with Danny Braverman).
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