Adam Stafford

'Fire Behind The Curtain' Album Launch

Summerhall - Dissection Room


To date, Adam Stafford's amassed an impressive body of work in both music and cinema. His numerous achievements include a Scottish Album of the Year-nominated solo album Imaginary Walls Collapse, video direction of The Twilight Sad's 'Seven Years of Letter' and an experimental tape-collage Miniature Porcelain Horse Emporium. Famed for his mesmerising performances on stage, he's played alongside Warpaint, The Twilight Sad, Norman Blake, King Creosote and Ela Orleans.

More recently, Stafford has been leaning towards experimental compositions. In 2017 he released Reverse Drift, an art presentation comprising of 24 photographs and a single 40-minute improvised track. This was shortly followed by Torments Through Supernatural Flogging, a 3-track EP of jarring lo-fi synthesiser/gamelan configurations.

Recorded in the Song, by Toad HQ, The Happiness Hotel, the latest addition to the Adam Stafford opus is Fire Behind the Curtain. The neoclassical L.P. is a testament of hope in his battle against depression. It was written over an 8-year period and inspired by Adam's love of Meredith Monk, Michael Gordon and US Minimalism. Adam gives a preview of his latest avant-garde musical expedition: "Choirs yelp and screech, beatboxing courses through cosmic k-holes and guitars sound like saxophones trapped deep in the wasp-machine."

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