A Man's A Man For A' Whit?

Work in Progress

Summerhall - Anatomy Lecture Theatre


"A man's a man for a' that?" ... "A' whit, Rabbie?" ‘A Man’s A Man for A’ Whit?’ is a contemporary theatre performance responding to the work of Robert Burns. Using a blend of character driven narratives, Scots language and poetic text the performance examines the differences and challenges we face as a society in order to build a new tomorrow. What makes a man a man in this post-Brexit, pre-apocalyptic island that we call home? What makes us, us? A her, a her? A he, a he? A they, a they? What makes us, us is a complex political question in Scotland. In Britain. In Europe. Post-referendum(s). But we promise you this show isn’t about all that. It’s about us. It’s a story about people.
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