10th Anniversary Show

Summerhall - Dissection Room


This year marks the 10th anniversary of my first record. Ten years. That’s not that long is it? Or is it? I mean… for a dog, ten years is ages. For a dog your lucky if you get ten years. Conversely, for an oak tree, ten years is bugger all. Makes you think.  To mark the occasion I’m going to play the album and the ‘Nothing Broke’ EP in their entirety.  While I’m not usually one for birthday celebrations, the landscape of Meursault (as a project) has changed so drastically over the years that I thought it’d be interesting to play these songs and find out what they sounded like through the filter of fresh context. I’ll be joined onstage by some familiar faces and special guests as I shamefully indulge in past glories, basking in the warm glow of self indulgence and nostalgia.
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