Zoe Graham

Summerhall - The Royal Dick


FREE AND UNTICKTED With an eclectic mix of musical styles, from indie folk to lively swing/blues, Zoe’s music appeals to all tastes. Having supported acts such as Brooks Williams, Iain Mathews and Jen Grant as well as playing at such events like Girls Rock Glasgow and The Gibson Street Gala her reputation and success is continuing to grow. Zoe has a powerful voice and a dynamic personality to match, making it impossible not to warm to this young musician.  Based in Glasgow, Zoe is currently studying a singer/songwriter course at the Academy of Music and Sound and constantly developing and advancing her musical skills. After the success of her first EP, released in 2014 Zoe is in the midst of writing a second, which will be a collection of some of her impressively unique original songs and therefore something we should definitely keep an eye out for! Zoe was described by the Herald Scotland as “young local talent who can bring almost rock band attack as well as swing/blues subtlety to her guitar-accompanied songs”. It is clear this is just the beginning of what will be an incredibly successful music career for Zoe Graham.
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