Six Organs of Admittance

Summerhall - Main Hall


Solo guitarist extraordinaire, ‘New Weird America’ pioneer and fret board shredding collaborator – Ben Chasny’s ever expanding and adventurous solo moniker of Six Organs of Admittance has created some of the mostly truly introspective psychedelic folk music of the last 19 years or so. Beit the delicate Latin acoustic runs found on ‘For Octavio Paz’, the cryptic krautrock of ‘Dark Noontide’ or the free jazz folk frenzy of ‘School of Flower’ – Ben has been contorting his own vision by way of six strings and vocals in a manner which few other guitarists have ventured. Six Organs balances in the same time and space with soloists like Robbie Basho and John Fahey, along with the experimental expanses of Current 93 and countless drone and traditional eastern provocations.

Over the years he’s collaborated with Californian pysch outfit Comets on Fire, Badgerlore, Magik Markers, 200 Years and the aforementioned Current 93. You may have also caught him last year at Summerhall wigging out with his most recent power psych trio, Rangda, along with drumming wizard Chris Corsano and original Sun City Girl member, Richard Bishop. His newest record on Drag City, ‘Burning The Threshold’, has seen Ben return to his melodic and minimalist best – with rave reviews across the board along with notable collaborations with Damon & Naomi, Ryley Walker, and Circuit Des Yeux in tow. One of the most serene records he’s done in some years, yet it’s filled with the same profound longing and expanse found throughout his whole body of work – another outsider classic with group of songs which will suit this solo live outing very comfortably.

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