Tinderbox Fest

Summerhall - Summerhall

Tinderbox Fest brings an explosion of music, arts and performance to Summerhall.

Tinderbox Orchestra, Foxgang, Broken Records (solo) and North Atlantic Oscillation are just some of 20+ highly acclaimed bands that will weave through Smmerjhall' winding corridors and array of mysterious rooms.

A day long festival, starting at midday with a bustling market, live music, exhibitions and fashion shows (suitable for all teh family), and taking off with eclectic acts and headline bands from 4pm until late... Explore and enjoy!

Book early to avoid disappointment.

The line up of bands includes: Foxgang, Broken Records (solo set) Tinderbox Orchestra, North Atlantic Oscillation, Matt Noris and teh Moon, Black Diamond Express, Dark Jokes, Mike Kearney Ka-Tet, Digital Jones, Small Feet Little Toes, Mesmer and many more.

The youth bands and youth projects involved includes, Tinderbox Orchestra, Tinderbox Frontiers, Impact Arts, and G-Code.

More information on www.tinderboxfest.org

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