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An IDEO + Sundance Institute Theatre Program Production What is home? Is it a place, a feeling, an identity? Is it safety or belonging? Does it come with us when we move or do we leave it behind? Is the notion of 'home' rapidly evolving in light of current world migration​? ​ Creative Tensions ​ A unique live event series where participatory theatre meets collective conversation. Devised in collaboration with IDEO, Creative Tensions explores the opposing forces that inform our daily lives and is a collective conversation expressed in movement, wherein participants reveal where they stand on an issue by virtue of where they stand in the room. Guided by a moderator and provoked by speakers (we call them protagonists) who approach the topic from different perspectives, Creative Tensions is an eye-opening, reflective, and inspiring live experience. Protagonists: Hanane Hajj Ali (Lebanon) TBC, TBC (UK) Moderator: Philip Himberg (USA) Arab Arts Focus Talks Programme supported by Tamasi Collective for the Performing Arts and curated by Jumana Al-Yasiri, Sundance Institute Theatre Programme.
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